Spiritual Aims

he Druidcraft Fellowship is a Celtic-inspired, Neopagan fellowship that explores the magick of Druidry and Wicca together, a harmony we have come to know as “Druidcraft.”

In our daily lives, our aim is to teach and to advance for our members a rich, spiritual “folklife”—bringing the magick and mystery of the Elder Ways into every day life—based on teachings and practices adapted from ancient Celtic, Western and Indo-European tradition. This involves above all, cultivating a strong personal devotion and tangible sense of communion with the Gods of Old.

Together as a fellowship, we focus on establishing a rich heritage of liturgical expression, well-performed ritual observance and magick, and seek to promote a strong unity of purpose, belief, and mutual respect. Indeed among the very highest of our principles is that we ought do nothing that will bring upon the Gods or the Elder Ways any form of shame. Thus we seek to glorify the Gods and bring to Their worship a renewed sense of dignity, grace and reverence.

At the core of our spiritual aims, The Druidcraft Fellowship seeks to:

❧   Live in a manner that honours the Gods of Old, following the tenants of Witchcraft and Druidism together as advanced in various forms through the Wiccan Rede, the Celtic Triads with emphasis on the “Nine Kingly Virtues,” along with our own declaration of faith, philosophy, and ethics for our tradition (all defined in TDF’s Articles of Faith);

❧   Support one another in our healing, growth and aspirations;

❧   Hold rituals on the Sabbats and Estbats, and on all other occasions for which it is right to do so; to celebrate the seasons, for the working of magick, to consecrate rites of passage, and to honour the Gods;

❧   Honour the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred, working to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and across the world, and;

❧   Whenever and wherever it is appropriate to do so, advance public awareness and education with respect to Witchcraft, Druidism, and all kindred spiritual traditions of Pagan belief and practice.

Thank You for reading.   Blessed Be!