Seminary Education

Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary (COATS) is the educational division of The Sacred Order of the Druidcraft Fellowship operating as a private religious college and university, preparing students for ordination in Pagan ministry with the aim of advancing spiritual enrichment and scholarship.

Through its undergraduate and graduate schools, COATS currently offers the following diploma track and degree programs:


Diploma in Pagan Ministry and Religious Studies (Dipl. Min.)
A non-degree professional diploma omitting gen. ed. classes and thesis requirements

Associate of Religious and Metaphysical Arts (A.A.)
Concentration in Pagan Religious Studies

Bachelor of Religious and Metaphysical Arts (B.A.)
Concentration in Pagan Religious Studies


Master of Religious and Metaphysical Arts (M.A.)
Concentration in Pagan Religious Studies

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Concentration in Pagan Ministry

Doctor of Religious and Metaphysical Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Concentration in Pagan Religious Studies

Doctor of Divinity (D.D. or D.Div.)
Concentration in Pagan Ministry


COATS is a private religious university whose degree programs are open only to members (in good standing) of The Druidcraft Fellowship (TDF). There are currently no established fees or tuition assessed for COATS degree programs. All COATS instructors and faculty are volunteers. They are not paid for their time or their supplies. For this reason some course offerings may ask for a “suggested donation” per class to offset the instructor’s costs. And, while some required reading materials for some courses are provided at no cost, students are responsible for the cost of required (or recommended) books and classroom supplies. Students are also responsible to maintain current dues/tithing to their local TDF congregation if said congregation requires it.


Nature of COATS Degrees

COATS degree programs are designed solely for religious, spiritual, metaphysical and holistic vocations (246.084 (1) (b),(c),(i), Florida Statutes).


COATS is recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education to operate as a religious college exempt from DOE oversight under Title XLVIII of Florida Administrative Code, Section 1005.06(1)(f), F.S., RULE 6E-5.001. A copy of the Seminary’s current Letter of Exemption is on file with the registrar and is available for inspection upon request.


COATS is not externally accredited at this time, as there are no accrediting agencies whose purview includes Pagan religious institutions.

COATS is committed to providing our students with a world-class, well-founded and scholarly religious education. To ensure this quality, COATS undertakes a program of self-accreditation by inviting a panel of external advisors to routinely evaluate our curriculum and inspect our records. In addition, COATS recruits faculty from a wide variety of Pagan traditions and other religious educational institutions to ensure both the quality and diversity of the curriculum we offer.

More Information

For more information about COATS programs and education, how our degree system works within the initiatory structure of Druidry and Wicca, and other detailed program information including course offerings, credit hours, and transfer credits we award, contact the Secretary / Registrar, Rt. Wor. Sis. Cathain MacCarthaigh at or call (904) 444-2922.